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The history of the North Littoral, an area that has always been subject to highly changeable environmental conditions, is rooted in the distant past. However, it has only been possible for us to reconstruct its development with a degree of certainty from the beginning of the 16th century, thanks to cartography and to the numerous documents detailing the Serenissima's domains.The settlement's architectural features, dotted throughout the landscape, also reflect its history.
An example of this is the convent of the Mesole (16th century), that probably owes its attribution as a convent to the fact it was under ecclesiastical ownership, rather than to any likelihood of its having been used for monastic life; another is the small building at Prà di Saccagnana, an exemplar of a Venetian villa in the lagoon setting. At the other end of the spectrum, to the east, we find the well-known Porte del Cavallino, the Locks of Cavallino, now under the jurisdiction of Jesolo,
but historically connected to the littoral, and which, together with the ancient customhouse lately the premises of an inn, show the importance of the waterways linking the lagoon and

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the whole northeast in the past. The oldest of the two ancient locks and basins was built in 1632 by Daniel Nys, the Flemish art merchant who was also the first of a series of foreign landowners who had properties along the Littoral right up to the 19th century. The ancient Church of Cavallino, completed in 1751, is the centre of the civic and religious community.
These are the traces you will find by following the itineraries suggested in this guide. They are works of man set in anenvironment of considerable naturalistic interest. And it is really our love for the Cavallino Littoral that has inspired the itineraries we here suggest, as they unfold alongside fish farms, canals, market gardens and sandy dunes, in quest of landscapes seeming suspended between the sea and the lagoon.
The colours had enchanted him.The rusty orange of certain sails, the pale yellow of the reeds bent by the wind, the pearl grey of the fish farms, the bright purple of some of the little boats, the transparent white of the nets hanging above the canals. And it is all there, at the back of Cavallino: a world which miraculously remained intact, quite similar to that which the inhabitants of Aquileia discovered when they fled here to escape from Attila the Hun and founded Venice.